All vehicles must have current license plates, current registration and be in operable condition. No vehicle belonging to, or under the control of a unit owner, resident, member of family, or guest, shall be parked in such a manner as to impede or prevent ready access to any part of the project. Vehicles shall be parked within the designated parking areas and within the parking lines.

Guest parking stalls are reserved only for guests, not homeowners or renters. Guest parking is strictly limited to a time of 12 hours. If an owner would like to temporarily use a Guest stall, please contact the Board at Please also contact the Board if you have guests staying more than a few days who will need Guest parking. Vehicles in violation of the parking rules will be towed at the owner's expense by Legacy Towing (801) 685-2569.

Parking tags are no longer required and the board is no longer making or distributing them. Please make sure that you are parking in your assigned space. Any vehicle parking in an unassigned space or in violation of any of these rules and regulations will be towed. If you have someone parking in your assigned space, please contact the Board with the time and date. You can also take a photo of the offending vehicle and send that in your email.

Subject to availability, an additional parking spot may be rented if needed. Requests can be made to the HOA Board at Rental parking spaces cost an additional $10 per month. This amount will need to be added to your monthly dues when paid.