The following contractors have been recommended by residents within the Glendon Way community for their quality and competitive pricing. All contractors MUST be licensed and insured. The HOA is not liable for property damage or personal injuries.

Glendon Way Insurance Policy

The HOA carries an insurance policy for all units within the condominium complex. This master policy has a deductible of $25,000. The first $25,000 must be paid from the unit owner's personal home owners policy. The HOA board can decide to file a claim to cover the damages in excess of $25,000. For more information, please download the following insurance document. Download Insurance Information.

HOA Board

All questions or concerns to the Glendon Way HOA Board should be emailed to Individual board members should not be contacted directly unless prior authorization is granted.

HOA Maintenance Requests

All maintenance requests should be placed through the Glendon Way HOA Board. In the event of an after-hour's emergency, please contact Tom Ellstrom at (801) 661-6360.

Billing Questions

For questions about your bill or payments, contact Allan Darrington at (801) 953-0633 or email Allan at

Quantum Internet

Call CenturyLink at 833-926-1289

Glendon Way HOA has a bulk account with CenturyLink, so you need to call the number listed above. If you call any other customer service number for CenturyLink they won't be able to assist you.

CenturyLink recently upgraded their account management to a program called Quantum. Previously residents didn't know their account numbers and they needed to look you up when calling in. With Quantum each resident can now set up their own account. New residents should call the number above to set up their account after moving in.

Agents at the number above should be able to resolve any issues you have with your internet connection, and may schedule someone to come to your unit to resolve the issue.

If the technician cannot resolve the issue, or they are unable to answer your questions, contact the HOA Board at We can contact CenturyLink management and resolve the issue.