Glendon Way Insurance Policy

The HOA carries an insurance policy for all units within the condominium complex. This master policy has a deductible of $25,000. The first $25,000 must be paid from the unit owner's personal home owners policy. The HOA board can decide to file a claim to cover the damages in excess of $25,000. For more information, please download the following insurance document. Download Insurance Information.

Buying or Selling Checklist

Quantum Fiber Internet

Glendon Way HOA has contracted with Quantum Fiber to provide the entire complex with 500 Mbps high speed fiber-optic internet at a low bulk cost as an amenity, paid for through your existing HOA payments.

Each individual unit can further upgrade to Quantum Fiber's Gigabit plan (actual speed for the Gigabit plan will be 940 Mbps download and upload). To upgrade, you will first need to call Quantum customer service during business hours at (833) 926-1289 to start the upgrade process.

The Glendon Way HOA wants to make sure you are getting the speeds you were promised. If you have problems with your internet speeds, please follow these steps.

  1. Connect a laptop or desktop to the back of the modem using a network cable (do not use wireless).
  2. Turn off other devices in your home that may be using the internet.
  3. Go to either or to run a speed test.
  4. If you are consistently getting below 75% of the advertised speed of 500 Mbps (or 940 Mbps for those that have upgraded their plans), then you have a problem and need to contact Quantum.

Two commonly reported problems are that some of the RJ45 ends connected to the ONT panels are faulty and cause much slower internet speeds, and some faulty modems have caused frequent internet drops.

The modem is the property of the Quantum, and must remain in the unit even if you are not using it. A fee will be changed to the home owner for missing Quantum modems.

Please visit our Contacts Page for additional contact information.

Download our Quantum Information Sheet for more detailed information about our high speed fiber-optic internet.

Swamp Coolers

Homeowners are responsible for their swamp coolers. A licensed contractor is required to work on the HOA roofs. It is the owners' choice of which company to use to setup for summer and for winterizing in the fall.

Flood Insurance

The Glendon Way HOA Board strongly encourages home owners to add flood insurance to their home insurance policy. The Glendon Way HOA will not cover flood damage. Without flood insurance, all damages to your home in the event of a flood, will be the responsibility of home owner.

Rental Policy

All rental units are now frozen, and there is a wait list for owners to rent units. All newly purchased units must be owner occupied. Current owners that sell their existing rental property cannot list their unit as a rental property, and it becomes an owner occupied unit to the new owner.

For more information please read the Rental Policy.

HOA Property vs. Owner Property

The HOA is responsible for the siding, stucko, roofs, soffit, fascia, rain gutters, fencing, asphalt and upper decks on #4 units.

The unit owners are responsible for their front door, garage door, external windows, air conditioning units, swamp coolers, satellite dishes. Owners are subject to regulations to ensure the uniformity and maintenance of these items.

For more information see the CC&Rs section 7.1 and 7.2.

Sewer Pipes

Fats, oils and grease (FOG) can cause problems for your unit's plumbing and also cause concern for Murray city's sewer system. Back-ups of sewage can occur when the sewer lines are clogged with a build up of FOG. Do not dump FOG down drains (this includes garbage disposals).

What to Do If Sewer Backs Up


Glendon Way Condos has 4 standard waste dumpsters and 2 recycled waste dumpsters. Visit the ACE Disposal Recycling page for a list of what items can and cannot be recycled.

Generally, the city picks up the recycled waste each Wednesday. They empty the dumpster just north of the V building, and the dumpster south of the A and E buildings on Mondays, and they empty the dumpster by the M building and the dumpster by the X building on Fridays.

Many of us have the rule, if it fits in the dumpster it must be okay. While this is true for the majority of items, it is not true for mattresses. Mattresses do not biodegrade and need to be taken to the dump directly for proper disposal. The HOA is charged a fine for mattresses dumped into our dumpsters. Even if the mattress fits it is NOT allowed in our dumpsters.

Parking Tags

All vehicles parked in assigned or rental parking spaces must have a parking tag displayed in the vehicle. Replacement of lost hanging tags will cost $10.00. Damaged parking tags can to returned to the HOA for replacement at no charge. See our parking page for more information.

Snow Removal

The Glendon Way HOA uses Competitive Edge for our landscaping and snow removal. They have several clients and they require time to come out to each property after each snowfall.

After light snowstorms of 1" to 2" they will come out to our property depending on the weather conditions. If the snow will melt off on its own after a few hours, they will not come out, however if it freezes over and causes slippery conditions, they will come out.

For snowstorms around 4" to 6" during the night, they will arrive no earlier than 9:00 a.m. They received too many noise complaints from residents if they start earlier. It will take about 2 hours to shovel the sidewalks and about 1.5 hours to plow the pavement.

For heavy snowstorms of around a foot or more during the night, we should expect them to arrive around noon to 1:00 p.m. They will have around 5 to 6 people working on the sidewalks and it will take about 3 or 4 hours to shovel the sidewalks and about 2 to 3 hours to plow the pavement.

The area around the mailboxes is sometimes unshoveled or the city plows will push snow around the mailboxes. Please notify Tom Ellstrom at (801) 661-6360 to come out if snow is blocking your access to the mailboxes.

We only pay for snow removal when it snows. If it snows frequently the HOA will pay them more. If it doesn't snow, we pay nothing.

HOA Board Meetings

The HOA Board meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be meeting remotely. If you wish to join us, please email the HOA board at and we will send you a link to the meeting.

Any owner is welcome to attend the open portion of the Board meeting which is usually during the first 10 minutes of the meeting. The HOA Board will hold an executive session to discuss sensitive matters in which the HOA board will adjourn the open meeting and excuse owners before going into the closed session.